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How to get the best link building consultant?

We All know about SEO at this point. We all know how SEO works, or do we? Ever heard of link building consultancy? It is one of the most important parts of SEO that most businesses overlook in digital marketing. But that’s precisely what we are here for! Our mission is to equip you with all the right info about all the latest SO techniques, so you can get that coveted high ranking on Google! So, consider this your ultimate guide to link building consultant!

What is Link Building Consultancy?

You must have seen many web pages that have countless number of links. You probably find those web pages extremely helpful, as they give you direct access to the best information available on a relevant topic that the article itself was not able to cover. Well, those links are not only helpful for the websites that link them, but also incredibly productive for webpages that are linked in those links. They do not just increase the traffic to the linked web pages, but they also help those linked pages to perform better in Google search rankings!

Here’s how it works:

Why would a webpage link your website? Well, because your webpage probably has all the relevant information on a topic that their audience would want to read. Google recognizes this, which leads it to give more value to your webpage content, resulting in a higher search ranking. 

This strategy in offline SEO is invaluable, but one of the biggest problems business that know about it is how to go about the process of link-building consultant. 

We’ll walk you through the process. 

How to get Link Building on your web pages?

Quality Content:

Writing the most informative, and readable quality content that the relevant demographic audience would want to read is the most important thing. If your content is not something your audience would appreciate, getting your webpage with that content linked to other web pages will be next to impossible. The search engine optimization, despite the lack of Link Building Consultancy, will still be quite poor, resulting in an extremely low search engine ranking. 

Remember, the more thorough and in-depth you can get your content to be, the better. This means 500-word long content will not cut it. This does not however mean that you will stuff your content with unnecessary keywords, and content fluff. Make sure your content has the optimal quality and check the readability, and engaging content box. 

Research and Infographics:

One sneaky way to get linked in someone’s webpage is to equip your website with facts and information they find useful, and cannot find anywhere else. The best way to do this is by conducting relevant research and writing content about them on your website, or getting pre-existing research or information and organizing them in infographics. This will organically lead other websites to link your webpage as a reference. 

Building Relationships, and Ghost Linking:

This point is a no-brainer. The best way to reach other web pages to get them to link to your websites is by building natural relationships with other businesses. There are plenty of ways to do this, you can do it organically by reaching out to them and supporting them. You can also employ the Ego bait strategy, which involves you writing content specifically about their business, to get them to feature you in their article. 

Another way people go about Link Building Consultancy is by getting their writers to write for other websites as guest writers and linking your webpage in those guest articles. 

Social Media Outreach:

Link building can also be done by going to the comment sections of different social media platforms such as Quora, YouTube, etc., and leaving a comment their directly from your website. Make sure the comment you put out is professional and does not sound spammy. 

Now this might sound like a lot of work for your SEO Expert. This is why we recommend hiring a specialist in the field of Link building, also called a link-building consultant. 

Where to Find the Best Link Building Consultant:

Well, you don’t have to type that into Google Search, as we have some recommendations for you right here!

Neil Patel:

This guy’s website is the first to show up when you type “Link Building Consultant” into Google. This is how you know his team is doing something right!

Mike Khorev:

Another highly proficient team of SEO experts providing the best SEO services at globally. 


Anyone who has been in the digital marketing business knows the value of Link Building Consultants. It is a strategy that must be employed with other SEO techniques for optimal Search Engine excellence. 


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